Other Projects

Athabasca Diamond Project

In late December 2017, CanAlaska staked 3 claims, in an area recently opened for staking, north of Patterson Lake, Saskatchewan. These claims contain kimberlite-style targets with clear magnetic responses similar to the ones tested by De Beers in 2016, but here these magnetic anomalies are associated with strong electromagnetic responses, modeled to be over 50 … Read more


Location The Waterbury project is composed of 3 separate groups of claims totaling 6089 hectares, located 12 kilometres east from the Cigar Lake Deposit and 10 kilometres south of the Midwest mine. Geology Within the project area, Athabasca sandstones and conglomerates overlie a basement of Wollaston supercrustals (psammites, pelites, graphitic pelites and calcsilicates) that in … Read more


Location This project is comprised of two blocks of claims; Moon South consists in one claim of 2,716 hectares and Moon North consists of two contiguous claims covering 360.2 hectares. The Moon property lies approximately midway between the McArthur River and Key Lake mines, and just west of the Key-McArthur road. The property is approximately … Read more

Mouse Mountain Cu-Au Project

Summary of the Mouse Mountain Project Mouse Mountain is a well known Cu-Au porphyry located in the central Quesnellia terrane between Mt Polley and Mt Milligan. It has seen sporadic exploration since the 1950’s when a carload of hand sorted ore grading 5.5% Cu was sent to the Tacoma smelter. CanAlaska acquired the property by … Read more


Location Vancouver, Canada, January 17th, 2013 – CanAlaska announced its acquisition of three claim groups, totaling 6,687 ha, located in the Patterson Lake area of the western Athabasca basin, Saskatchewan. The claims were competitively staked on the first day of Saskatchewan’s new map-based claim staking in December 2012, and are shown in the attached figure. … Read more


Location The project comprises 655 hectares and is located 10km west of the Millennium deposit and some 50km NNW of the Key Lake mine and 50 kilometres southwest of the McArthur River mine. Geology Basement rocks comprise Archean granitoids and Lower Proterozoic (Trans-Hudson) metamorphic rocks of the Wollaston and Mudjatik domains. These are unconformably overlain … Read more

Key Lake

LOCATION The Key Lake project comprises 2 mineral claims in two separate blocks totalling 3,293 hectares near the formerly producing Key Lake open pit uranium mine. GEOLOGY The project areas overly Wollaston Domain basement rocks 8 kilometres South and 12 kilometres Southwest of the Key Lake mine. The Wollaston domain is of Lower Proterozoic (Trans-Hudson) … Read more

Thompson Nickel Belt

Thompson Nicket Belt CanAlaska has acquired three properties in the Thompson Nickel Belt: Strong, Hunter and North Manibridge. The Thompson Nickel Belt is the host of over 18 nickel deposits and is estimated to have produced over 5 billion lbs of nickel since 1959. The nickel deposits are hosted in the Opswagan Group, a sulphide-rich … Read more


The Kasmere properties are located over the Wollaston Group rocks in Northern Manitoba, These rocks have significant potential for base metal and uranium deposition. The permits for the project are currently delayed in the Government approval process.

Ruttan area Cu-Zn Project

Summary of the Nisku Property The Nisku Property is located 10 km of the former Ruttan Mine. It is underlain by a volcano-sedimentary sequence similar to the one hosting the Ruttan deposit. Old drill holes show the presence of chalcopyrite in several horizons. A VTEM survey carried out in 2009 by Kria Resources outline a … Read more