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November 11, 2018  ARTICLE: China upgrades nuclear reactors to wean itself off coal
March 21, 2018  ARTICLE: Nuclear energy can make a carbon-free future a reality
March 15, 2018  ARTICLE: "Why I changed my mind about nuclear power: Transcript of Michael Shellenberger's TEDx Berlin 2017"
March 08, 2018  ARTICLE fromm Why electric vehicles could fracture the nickel market: Andy Home
January 20, 2018  ARTICLE: New Important Uranium Discovery with Cameco, interview with Peter Dasler, President, CEO
January 16, 2018  ARTICLE FROM Nuclear Power Provides A Whole Lot More Than Just Energy
January 15, 2018  ARTICLE from "UxC White Paper: Prospects for China's Nuclear Program"
January 12, 2018  ARTICLE from "It's time to go nuclear in the fight against climate change"
December 22, 2017  ARTICLE from World Nuclear News "An environmentalist view of nuclear"
December 07, 2017  Book Review: Ellsworth Dickson - Nuclear energy book enlightening
November 15, 2017  ARTICLE: What Does Cameco's Production Cut Mean for Uranium?
September 05, 2017  ARTICLE from CanAlaska hits high-grade uranium at West McArthur
April 05, 2017  ARTICLE from GoldNewsletter
February 28, 2017  ARTICLE: Canada's Saskatchewan and Manitoba are the world's new top mining destinations
February 02, 2017  INTERVIEWS: Junior uranium explorer anticipating higher prices
November 02, 2016  ARTICLE: Exploration Ramps Up at Athabasca Kimberlite Project
October 06, 2016  ARTICLE: New diamond play emerging in Saskatchewan
August 19, 2016  ARTICLE: Ruffles Have Ridges | Diamonds Don't
August 18, 2016  ARTICLE: CanAlaska's Double Shot at Glory Looms Large
June 21, 2016  ARTICLE: Canalaska Uranium: Uranium + Diamonds
June 20, 2016  ARTICLE: CanAlaska's $20 million deal with De Beers ushers new staking rush
May 31, 2016  VIDEO: MIF May 2016: CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. (CAN) - Peter Dasler
May 30, 2016  ARTICLE: CanAlaska attracts $20M DeBeers option
May 28, 2016  VIDEO: CanAlaska unlocks potential on prime Athabasca Basin land positions
May 23, 2016  ARTICLE: Canada's Next Diamond Play?
May 19, 2016  ARTICLE: De Beers eyes diamond exploration in northern Saskatchewan
May 18, 2016  ARTICLE: Diamond company De Beers keen on northwest Saskatchewan
May 18, 2016  ARTICLE: Signs of diamonds detected in the western Athabasca Basin
May 18, 2016  Video: CanAlaska: always looking for opportunities after De Beers kimberlite deal
May 13, 2016  ARTCILE CanAlaska's Chances
April 30, 2016  Major uranium discovery in Athabasca Basin catalyst for strong partnership
April 09, 2016  PODCAST from Korelin Economic Report
April 07, 2016  ARTICLE Northern Miner: CanAlaska Uranium regains momentum in the Athabasca
April 06, 2016  ARTICLE Resource World: Is uranium poised for a renaissance?
March 31, 2016  ARTICLE: How Saskatchewan remade uranium mining
March 07, 2016  ARTICLE MetalsNews: CanAlaska Uranium (TSXV: CVV) Targets High Grade Uranium in their Extensive Uranium Rich Holdings in Mining-Friendly Athabasca Basin
February 19, 2016  VIDEO: John Kaiser on Allan Barry Reports Show
February 07, 2016  MINING.COM ARTICLE: Cameco's new uranium discovery revealed
February 04, 2016  ARTICLE The Inquirer: Nuclear effective, affordable, reliable.
January 21, 2016  ARTICLE CanAlaska adds to excellent uranium targets
January 16, 2016  Joint Report on Uranium by Mickey Fulp and Brien Lundin: The Path to Enrichment
January 12, 2016  ARTICLE Forbes Investing: Uranium: Bullish Despite Oil's Weakness
November 24, 2015  VIDEO: To fight climate change, nuclear is part of the solution
November 11, 2015  NORTHERN PROSPECTOR: Drilling Optimism - CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. is poised for discovery success
April 22, 2015  STOCKHOUSE ARTICLE: CanAlaska (V.CVV) up 25% on Manitoba uranium find
March 05, 2015  NORTHERN MINER ARTICLE: Drill hole drives Northern Uranium's shares higher
February 16, 2015  RESOURCE WORLD ARTICLE: A Case for Athbasca Uranium
February 09, 2015  ARTICLE: Why we Need Nuclear Power to Save the Environment
November 21, 2014  ARTICLE FROM BLOOMBERG NEWS: China Needs 1,000 Nuclear Reactors to Fulfill Its Climate Pledge
November 12, 2014  ARTICLE: Editorial: After three long years, uranium has its day - Northern Miner
  ARTICLE: These 10 mines have the world's most valuable ore. Spoiler alert: Two of Cameco's uranium mines lead the pack

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