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December 22, 2008  CanAlaska Acquires Manitoba Uranium Property
December 10, 2008  New CFO Joins CanAlaska Uranium / Four Drill Programs for Uranium Starting January, 2009
December 02, 2008  CanAlaska to Undertake Uranium Exploration with Chinese Mining Partner
October 01, 2008  John Kowalchuk Joins CanAlaska Exploration Team
September 29, 2008  $10 Million Exploration Update from CanAlaska's AGM
September 15, 2008  CanAlaska Intersects Uranium Zone at Fond du Lac Project
July 08, 2008  Summer Drilling to Commence on Cree East Uranium Targets
June 25, 2008  CanAlaska Uranium Mobilizes Summer 2008 Exploration
June 03, 2008  CanAlaska and Great Western Minerals to Explore High Grade Rare Earth Element Discovery in Manitoba
May 29, 2008  CanAlaska Uranium Completes $ 3.71 mil. Flow-Through Private Placement
May 27, 2008  Mega and CanAlaska Define Uranium Targets at Poplar Project, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan
May 09, 2008  CanAlaska Completes Winter Uranium Drilling
April 14, 2008  Non-Brokered Private Placement
April 10, 2008  CanAlaska Waterbury Lake Update
April 08, 2008  CanAlaska Uranium Winter Drilling Update
March 25, 2008  CanAlaska Appoints Past Dene Chief Victor Fern to Board
March 11, 2008  CanAlaska Stakes New Rare Earth Project: 2008 Drilling Update
March 03, 2008  Grease River Project Displays Extensive High-Grade Uranium Mineralization at Surface in Basement Rocks
February 29, 2008  Key Lake Drilling Hits Graphite Conductor and Uranium Mineralization
February 28, 2008  CanAlaska Uranium Announces Extensive Uranium Mineralization at NE Wollaston Project
February 27, 2008  CanAlaska Commences Drilling at Cree East and Lake Athabasca Uranium Projects
February 14, 2008  Alexander Haig on CanAlaska Uranium: Drill Programs Underway
January 28, 2008  Senior Geophysicist Joins CanAlaska Uranium
January 24, 2008  CanAlaska Uranium Limited to be featured on Alexander Haig's 21st Century Business Television series
January 22, 2008  CanAlaska Uranium and Westcan Uranium to Commence Drilling Key Lake and Cree West Projects
January 10, 2008  CanAlaska Uranium 2008 Drill Programs and Exploration Underway
December 21, 2007  CanAlaska Outlines Exploration Plans For Cree East Uranium Project
November 26, 2007  Grease River Project: Rock Sample and Lake Sediment Results Confirm High Uranium Mineralization
November 01, 2007  New High Grade Uranium Assays from Summer Program
October 31, 2007  New Director Jean Luc Roy, MBA. Appointed $6,500,000 Non-brokered Private Placement Completed
October 31, 2007  Bunny Barlin, C.Eng, (1924-2007)
October 12, 2007  Korean Consortium Execute $19 Million Investment in Cree East Uranium Project
October 03, 2007  CanAlaska and Mega Uranium Sign $8 Million Agreement to Explore Poplar Uranium Project
September 28, 2007  Non-brokered Private Placement
September 26, 2007  Non-Brokered Private Placement Completed
September 19, 2007  CanAlaska, Uranium Prospects, and Yellowcake: Grease River Uranium Project Summary of Summer Work And Preliminary Results
September 13, 2007  Non-brokered Private Placement
August 30, 2007  CanAlaska's West McArthur Project Hole #10 Intersects 0.29% U3O8
August 23, 2007  CanAlaska's New High Grade Uranium-Rare Earth Target in Manitoba
August 21, 2007  Perched Uranium Mineralization at Stewart Island
July 31, 2007  Korean Consortium Finalizing Investment in Cree East Project
July 09, 2007  New Uranium Drill Program Underway at Helmer Lake
June 28, 2007  CanAlaska Forms New Advisory Board and Appoints New Board Director and V.P. Exploration
June 25, 2007  CanAlaska Progresses Exploration Venture with Korean Consortium
June 22, 2007  CanAlaska and Yellowcake Accelerate Uranium Exploration at Grease River
June 13, 2007  Harry Barr to step down as Chairman of CanAlaska Uranium Ltd., Barr to Focus Efforts on other International Metals Group Companies
June 12, 2007  CanAlaska Adopts Shareholders Rights Plan
June 11, 2007  CanAlaska's New Saskatchewan Office and Regional Manager
May 29, 2007  Winter Program Intersecting Uranium Zones: Drilling to Continue
May 07, 2007  CanAlaska to Collaborate with Korean Consortium in Uranium Exploration
April 16, 2007  CanAlaska Undertakes Uranium Exploration with Yellowcake plc
April 12, 2007  CanAlaska Updates Winter Uranium Exploration Program
April 11, 2007  CanAlaska Finalizes Uranium Exploration Venture with Mitsubishi Development
March 30, 2007  Stock Options Granted
March 30, 2007  Former U.S. Ambassador Thomas Graham Jr. Joins Board of CanAlaska Uranium
March 06, 2007  CanAlaska Closes $5,000,000 Private Placement
January 25, 2007  Non-Brokered Private Placement
January 18, 2007  CanAlaska Commences Winter Drilling Programs

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