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Jul 25, 2011 : CanAlaska Uranium Identifies Multiple Conductors from Ztem Airborne Geophysics Surveys (more...)


This large project consisting of three contiguous claims totaling 11,492 hectares is located in the east central part of the Athabasca basin 27 kilometres northwest of the McArthur River mine and 21 kilometres west of the Cigar Lake deposit.


Flat-lying Athabasca sandstones and conglomerates unconformably overlie the boundary between the Lower Proterozioc (Trans-Hudson) Mudjatik and Wollaston domains which are composed of supercrustals (psammites, pelites, and calcsilicates with minor greenstones) and Archean granitic gneisses. Depths to the unconformity are between 700-900 metres.

Uranium mineralization occurs in sandstone, at Tucker Lake, adjacent to the eastern end of the property. Prior drilling in the area indicates 600 to 800 metres of sandstone overlying the basement. Modern geophysical technology now enables exploration of basement depths in this region which previously were inaccessible with prior-generation technology.

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CanAlaska Exploration

CanAlaska has compiled the existing COGEMA and Kelvin Energy datasets which comprised lake sediment geochemistry and geophysics. In summer 2006, a Geotech V-TEM electromagnetic survey was completed and ground-based sampling/lake sediment analysis was performed on the project. In early winter 2008, ground AMT surveys were carried out on a reconnaissance basis. The reconnaissance ground AMT surveys confirmed a series of basement conductors and indicated the presence of conductive zones in the sandstones, structures thought to be related to uranium mineralizing events.

In June 2011 the company flew a ZTEM, deep penetrating airborne survey over the property which identified five areas with significant basement conductors. These conductors identify targets trending northeast, north and northwest in areas where CanAlaska had previously identified the AMT geophysical responses, and significant surface geochemical anomalies. The survey has identified 35km of conductive trends on the project.


The potential of this project is for unconformity style Uranium mineralization of both the Simple (Low REE, basement hosted) and the Complex (High REE, Sandstone hosted) types of Uranium deposits. The nearby Tucker Lake occurrence indicates the potential fertility of the deep basin.

The Qualified Person for this overview is Peter Dasler. More detailed exploration information is available in the News Summary above.

 Technical Report 43-101