Vancouver, Canada, January 17th, 2013 – CanAlaska announced its acquisition of three claim groups, totaling 6,687 ha, located in the Patterson Lake area of the western Athabasca basin, Saskatchewan. The claims were competitively staked on the first day of Saskatchewan’s new map-based claim staking in December 2012, and are shown in the attached figure. An option agreement was signed with Makena Resources Inc in August 2013.


The West block straddles the Athabasca Basin edge and the basement is at 130 to 200m, below Cretaceous and Recent sediments. The Eastern Block is within the Basin; unconformity is at 350 to 400m. The Northern block is also within the Basin with unconformity at 180 to 350m.


A VTEMmax airborne survey was flown in January 2014 and multiple conductive zones were mapped in the western block, now called the Patterson West project. In November 2015, drilling started to test an intense 1.5 km by 0.5 km gravity anomaly situated along a major geological domain boundary.


The Patterson property has the potential for the discovery of uranium deposits similar to the Patterson Lake South (PLS) deposit of Fission Uranium Corp or the new Arrow discovery of NexGen Energy Ltd.