CanAlaska’s Carswell property, totaling 13,352 ha, is located in the western Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada. Within the western Athabasca Basin, some of the most significant undeveloped uranium resources exist in the Shea Creek, Triple R, and Arrow deposits. The property covers a conductive structural corridor that joins the Beatty River fault zone to Carswell area, wrapping around a large magnetic-high body, which on the opposite side of the magnetic feature, is mirrored by the Saskatoon Lake conductor. The presence of conductive corridors along the edge of magnetic-high features creates a strong competency contrast that is important in the formation of large structural traps. The Saskatoon Lake conductor, which is host to the high-grade Shea Creek uranium deposits, shows an apparent correlation to these structural corridors between the Beatty River fault zone and Carswell area, presenting a compelling exploration target. The company is actively seeking joint-venture partners for its Carswell project.

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