CanAlaska’s Geikie property, totaling 33,897 ha, is located 7 km Southeast of the present-day Athabasca Basin edge, in Saskatchewan, Canada. The property straddles the extension of a fertile corridor of biotite gneisses hosting the Agip S high-grade uranium showing (up to 58% U3O8), and the recent Baselode Energy radioactive intersections near Beckett Lake. These uranium showings appear similar to 92 Energy’s GM uranium zone and Baselode Energy’s ACKIO uranium zone, recently discovered approximately 10 km away. On the Geikie property, the Mud Lake uranium-molybdenum showing, containing up to 0.225% U3O8, 5.2% Mo, and 1.4% Cu, and the Marina lead-zinc showings, containing up to 2.03% Pb, 7.2% Zn and 0.93 oz/t Ag, have been documented.

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