ARTICLE: Ruffles Have Ridges | Diamonds Don’t

Author: The Thom Calandra Report

Excerpted from The Thom Calandra Report

Our TCR Network is proving up on this northern diamonds trek, thanks to CanAlaska Uranium’s Peter Dasler and John Gomez. The two, along with geologist Karl Schimann, are spreading prospecting wealth in potential kimberlite targets for diamonds among the richly graded uranium deposits of Alberta and Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin in north-central Canada.

One CanAlaska partner is Fjordland Exploration on the diamonds. That prospector is tiny and its FEX ticker is in Canada; FEX is gaining each day and I am glad I own it.

CanAlaska Uranium itself has been the mothership, spawning uranium and diamond across a wide swath of the basin; its stock — CVV in Canada — is raging. Glad to own that one. It is double barreled: uranium claims and projects in and around the basin and Patterson Lake. Diamond projects, too.

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