ARTICLE: Signs of diamonds detected in the western Athabasca Basin

CanAlaska’s ChancesApril 2016 by Jillian Clark

The western Athabasca Basin has seen a rush to the potentially diamond-rich area.

CanAlaska has detected what appear to be kimberlites in the Athabasca basin.

Until now, this extreme western area of Saskatchewan’s Athabasca basin has been ignored for exploration because of the thickness of the sandstone, which ranges from 1,000 metres to 1,500 metres in depth.

Peter Dasler, president and CEO of CanAlaska, is excited to share the findings with the public. “The diamond story is very fascinating,” he said. “As a geologist, I like the idea of looking for these kimberlite pipes that come up from depths of 150 to 200 kilometres through the Earth’s crust and bring diamonds to the surface.”


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