The Halfway property consists of eight mineral claims with a total area of 1,876 hectares. It is located in the southern Thompson Nickel Belt, 12km northeast of Wabowden and less than 2km from highway 6.


The Halfway property covers the north and the South of an Ospwagan synform within Archean basement. The core of the synform consists of Bah volcanics intruded by leucogranite.

Historical Exploration

The area has been explored from 1958 to 1974 and then again from 1992 to 2007. Historical work included airborne and ground electromagnetic and magnetic surveys and diamond drilling. The main contributors were Falconbridge, Inco, and Marbernor. A 2007 Anglo-American VTEM survey overlaps the northern end of the Halfway Lake structure. Falconbridge covered the property and surrounding areas with ground magnetics, AFMAG, and, at least partly, HLEM. V. A GEOTEM survey covered the whole property in 1991. This work led the discovery of the Halfway Lake deposit, 0.9Mt at 1.2% Ni. In the southern claim block, drill hole W118-29 has a combined 15m at 0.62% Ni with a tenor of 10% in four intercepts between 164m and 210m. Nearby drill hole W118-37 has a combined 8.1m at 0.65% Ni with a tenor of 12% in five intercepts between 133m and 168m.

CanAlaska Work

A high-definition magnetic survey was flown in 2021 to provide a better mapping of the geology. Compilation of the historical drill logs is in progress.


Known mineralisation on and adjacent to the property shows that it has the potential for nickel deposits similar to Thompson, Birchtree or Pipe deposits.

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