The Resting property consists of eleven mineral claims with a total area of 2,322 hectares. It is located in the southern Thompson Nickel Belt 5 km south of Wabowden and the Bucko deposit and northwest of the Manibridge.


The Resting Ospwagan Group forms an elongated synform within Archean gneisses, both surrounded by a foliated hornblende quartz granite. The synform holds apparently the whole Ospwagan sequence from the Manasan Formation to the Setting Formation, but the thickness of the Pipe Formation is strongly attenuated. Nickel mineralisation occurs mainly in a series of ultramafic intrusions.

Historical Exploration

The area has been explored from 1958 to 1974 and then again from 1992 to 2005 and some work in 2016. Historical work included airborne and ground electromagnetic and magnetic surveys and diamond drilling. A total of 12,209 metres in 63 holes were drilled on the property. The majority of holes are short with an average of 194 metres and a maximum of 583 metres. The main contributors were Falconbridge, Inco, Amax, and Granges. A GEOTEM survey covered the whole property in 1991 and a MEGATEM the northern half in 2004. Falconbridge covered the property and surrounding areas with ground magnetics, AFMAG, and, at least partly, HLEM. This work resulted in the discovery of two significant zones of mineralisation occur adjacent to the property, the Resting deposit in the North, which has been described as holding 90 Mt at 0.3% nickel, the Reed zone in the South with several high-grade intersections, up to 1.5m @ 2% nickel. A third occurrence, the Amax zone, occurs in the centre of the belt with 2.44m at 0.63% Ni and 0.42% Cu.  The nickel tenor of these mineralisations is not known, but is expected to be high like in the Bucko and Manibridge deposits.

CanAlaska Work

A high-definition magnetic survey was flown in 2021 to provide a better mapping of the geology. This was combined with a compilation of the historical drill logs to produce a series of target zones. The next stage is a VTEM survey to provide accurate drill targets.


Known mineralisation on and adjacent to the property shows that it has the potential for nickel deposit equivalent to the Bucko and Manibridge deposits as well as deposits similar to Thompson, Birchtree or Pipe deposits, but with the higher nickel tenors typical of the South Thompson Belt deposits.

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