ARTICLE from World Nuclear News “An environmentalist view of nuclear”

Excerpt from World Nuclear News

An anti-nuclear activist in the 1970s was afraid of tyranny. An anti-nuclear activist now is afraid of radiation. But tyranny didn’t happen and the effects of radiation are misunderstood. The threat of climate change IS real and, to fight it, we need nuclear power, writes Scott L. Montgomery.

I was in graduate school starting in 1974 at Cornell University in the geosciences and I was a bit of an anti-nuclear activist. I went to Shoreham, which is in Long Island, and tried to stop the bulldozers from breaking ground for a new nuclear power plant. I spent a night in jail. And I marched, and I joined the Clamshell Alliance and the Aberlone Alliance and a number of other alliances. I was certainly anti-nuclear weapons, but also anti-nuclear power, and there was a very specific reason for that.

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